Managing patients in healthcare is always challenging and today the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Healthcare costs across the globe are expected to increase rapidly over the coming decades. The industry needs hospital systems to be as efficient and effective as possible. ZieZix360 has proven experience supporting life critical health service providers, via policy and administration.

We manage complexity, systemise management, increase treatment accuracy, and maximise the time medical staff spend on patient care, not paper work. Less errors mean better patient outcomes, shorter stays, and higher quality of service – all of which equate to savings across the board.

ZieZix360’s focus on emerging technologies is driven by the need for standardised and automated IT systems, supporting key initiatives such as better exchange increased integration and consistency of patient data, better services and more sustainable outcomes for clinicians, administrators and IT professionals.

It has 4 major module sets, comprising medical modules, finance & accounts modules, system administration/access control modules and services modules.



  • Medical Modules: The medical module set is a collection of all the sub-systems which deal with a patient’s medical data, excluding financial transactions, system access and Staff management.
  • Finance & Accounts Modules: Invoice and Bill management
    • Out-Patient (OP) cash Billing
    • In-Patient (IP) cash billing
    • Adjustments before closing of invoice
    • Automatic prompt for receipts or refunds for any balance due to/from the patient
    • Confirm the invoice, ready the dispatch and post to accounts database


  • System Administration/Access Control: User Management.

Access privileges and right levels are managed from this sub-system. A ‘superuser’ administers these authorizations to ensure that users of the system have only privileged access to categorized information. Other contents include:

  • Database Backup
  • Health Policy Management
  • Branch Institution Management


  • Services Modules: Patient Records Report Generator

Patient Records Report Generator sub-module includes all details pertaining to a patient who can be selected through the patient’s Health Record Number (HRN) or through an exhaustive patient search facility. Some of the reports that can be generated about a patient include:

  • Clinical summary
  • Patient medical history
  • Diagnosis and related comments, drugs prescription, other tests prescribed to the patient by different specialists using different templates
  • Demographic details
  • Images from support and services department
  • Billing related details
  • Discharge summary


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