ZieZix360 provides highly dependable network security solutions designed to protect the most advanced IT systems and computer networks. As one of the leading network security company in Nigeria, ZieZix360 network security solutions have earned a reputation for the highest level of protection, customer support and satisfaction.

Protect Your Company with Network Security

 Your company’s valuable data should not be at risk. Facet IT Solutions can evaluate your current network security measures, recommend solutions to any problems, and protect your company from virus, malware and spam threats. Our experts can implement advanced hardware and software security solutions from trusted names like Cisco and Microsoft to help eliminate outside threats.

At ZieZix360, our business IT specialists can also recommend and implement policies and procedures that tighten your internal security. Our company helps a wide range of customers with network security services for both simple and complex IT systems. We staff highly trained and educated IT specialists who use proven processes and procedures with certified engineers.

Some of the network security solutions we provide for clients include:

  • Services to prevent spam from infiltrating your network
  • Security audits for the network, internally and externally
  • Installations of email servers and Internet gateways
  • Firewall installations
  • Virus protection and disaster prevention service for the network
  • Secure VPN solutions on the domestic and international level
  • Security for applications and desktop
  • Solutions for secure remote access
  • Thin client solutions.

ZieZix360 partners with Cisco, Symantec and Barracuda as a Strategic Business Partners and their technologies are core to the security solutions we offer. Call ZieZix360 today to discuss a customised solution suitable for your business, or click on the links below for more information about our specific security services:

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  1. Data Loss Protection

 Identify Sensitive Data

Identify sensitive data so that you know what data you have and how it should be protected. With support for automated, system-suggested, or user-driven classification, ZieZix360 helps prevent data leaks that lead to embarrassing headlines, regulatory fines, and loss of market share.

Address Insider Threat

Enforce security controls to prevent users from disclosing valuable business information to unauthorized recipients. ZieZix360 provides multiple levels of protection, from policy warnings and security education, to locking down content with encryption and RMS.

Change User Behavior

Promote a culture of security by prompting users to stop, think, and consider the business value of the information they are creating and handling. ZieZix360 makes users aware of their responsibilities when handling sensitive data like PII and intellectual property, helping to align end user behavior with security policy.

Analyze User Behavior and Detect Risks

Identify insider threats and monitor the effectiveness of security policies by analyzing how your users interact with sensitive information. As users work with email, documents and files, ZieZix360 logs meaningful activities for detailed reporting, analytics, and threat detection.

Optimize DLP Solutions

Use data classification to help security solutions recognize and protect your sensitive information. As a front-end to DLP and other security solutions, ZieZix360 identifies sensitive data so that your security team can optimize security policy, and focus on the highest-risk areas.

Share Information with Confidence

Balance information sharing with information protection, so that your organization can collaborate with partners, customers and citizens, without putting your organization at risk. ZieZix360 data classification and policy enforcement provide the foundation to enable secure collaboration from desktop to mobile device.

  1. Remote Access Security
  • Data Loss Protection

ZieZix360 uses a combination of industry-leading solutions to deliver a customised Data Loss Protection solution to your business.

We can ensure all of your servers, desktops, data and emails are backed up to a secure location, and we will monitor the backups from our network operations centre to ensure their ongoing success. In the event of a system failure, we can have your data restored quickly in the event of any data loss.

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  • Anti-Virus Protection

Looking for antivirus software or security software? At ZieZix360, our business is to help people adopt a layered computer security strategy. We combine security software with services, process and common sense for a layered security solution. Securing computers properly takes the right security software, tools and processes all working together for the best protection.

We recommend tier 2 & 3 security software like ESET, Kaspersky and MalwareBytes antivirus software, data backups and child protection programs, our methodology has what businesses and home computers users need to have a chance at protecting themselves when online with full service software security.

At ZieZix360 our mission is to raise the bar by making computer security more accessible. We offer only independently tested best in-class security solutions for each threat category, like Avira products. We recommend and provide a layered approach to internet security because different solutions have their strengths and specialize in different areas.

Layered Security is required.

If you are interested or have any questions regarding Remote Access Security please get in contact with us

  • Remote Access Security

As the business landscape continues to change it is becoming more and more necessary for businesses to enable staff and in some cases clients to access their corporate network from anywhere on the internet. While this is opening many new and exciting business opportunities and increasing work flexibility and productivity, there are a number of new security threats that are created by opening these pathways into your network.

ZieZix360 can work with you to ensure that your remote access strategy is secure and only permitting authorised users. Our solutions range from strong internal security policies to multi-faceted authentication and encryption—all depending on what your individual business’s needs are.

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If you are interested or have any questions regarding Remote Access Security please get in contact with us