You have a business plan and a financial plan – but what about your technology plan?

Information Communication Technology (ICT) alone cannot change the way you do business, you need to know why you need it, how it will help and how you are going to use it.  As independent consultants ZieZix360 provide guidance and advice on the right technology strategy for your business.

We work with you to uncover the technology you require and clarify which options are right for your specific needs.

What is an ICT Strategy?

ICT strategies can deliver essential competitive advantages in the market, whereas minimal ICT planning, or the lack of a plan at all, can result in poor business efficiency and ultimately affect your bottom line.

An ICT strategy addresses all aspects of your technology needs including a broader roadmap of immediate ICT requirements, planning for future growth, security, cloud computing, IP communications, education and training, network and managed solutions.

ZieZix360’s ICT Strategies are business focused and provide practical implementation programs to deliver best practice efficiencies and improvement.

The ZieZix360 Approach

Our industry leading consultants have the skills and experience to help your organisation develop an effective and actionable technology plan that meets your business needs and budget. Whether small or large, our approach engages stakeholders, executives and management and ensures the ICT strategy is easily scalable for your business growth.

We adopt a six-step lifecycle services approach to all our services including engagement, planning, IT design, delivery, management, and optimisation.

ZieZix360’s Life Cycle Services allow us to develop systems that are fully customised for your business, and provide ongoing management and support to ensure that your technology is always running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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