Maximum scalability and data safety—is your business on a cloud?

The way we do business is changing, and that change has brought about a revolution in the way we use, invest in and build technology solutions; that change has come in the form of ‘the cloud’. Whether it’s a Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid cloud and a host of other ‘types’ of clouds within each option—such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS—you want to ensure that your setup is going to deliver the right results.

At ZieZix360, we’ve made a conscious decision to partner with industry leaders, combining our experience in networks and service with their experience in Cloud solutions to deliver an outcome that works for you.

ZieZix360’s cloud solutions are comprised of four components:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

Based on a proven methodology, our in-depth consultation takes a look at your existing services, business constraints, and costs as well as your technical, financial, and compliance considerations. We’ll analyse your workloads with advanced business modelling tools in order to map out the architectural design, acquisition services, implementation support, and knowledge transfer required to optimise your transition to the cloud.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure Components

ZieZix360 IT help you choose a custom approach to cloud computing by selecting the components that work best in your environment. We also work closely with major manufacturers to offer pre-bundled, pre-packaged solutions.

  • Cloud Management and support services

No matter which type of cloud environment you are in, ZieZix360 can offer you a comprehensive suite of support services that manage, monitor and maintain your entire technology platform – from the desktop to the cloud.

  • Cloud Migration

A move to the cloud is a large change for any business and there are many points to consider in making the transition, at ZieZix360 we ensure you are fully informed about the risks and requirements prior to any migration and then manage the entire process from configuring the environment, working with you to test and moving users over to the new way of working. We have a team who are available to assist with change management and we make it our goal to make the transition a smooth and easy one for your business.



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